About the Campaign

    Today we received a distress message from Kerala mentioning about the condition in Kerala after flood hitting the region and how people are suffering without food, clothes and other necessary items, but the point to ponder is especially the women and the children are suffering the most in this scenario. We are asked to send all the relief material as soon as possible in that message, so we are rigorously working to collect all the items as soon as possible and we need your support in this.

    Kerala has been struggling with floods for past 10 days, leaving people in a couple of areas at the relief camps with no food, clothing and Shelter. We are making efforts to reach and extended our support to rescue and provide them with basic amenities for which we raised our hands for support!! We would need little support from your side!! Please donate now!

    You can send relief materials directly to our centres. Details are mentioned in the above infographic image. If you are unable to provide relief material then you have an option to donate cash for CMDRF using below donate button.


    Kerala reeling under one of the worst floods in 50 years. The floods have paralyzed normal life of millions of people.. We are on the ground, providing food and medical assistance to the affected people. Please join us in helping the flood affected communities in Kerala.

    Your contribution is very valuable at this moment, please donate so that we can reach more number of people for flood relief activity

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