raksha bandhan drishti foundation
    About the Campaign

    This Raksha Bandhan, take a pledge that you will protect the girl child of India from malnourishment, illiteracy, illness and impoverishment.

    In India, there are millions of Children who are living in such a condition where they don’t even have access to proper food, shelter, clothing and education. Also, children die without proper health treatment,  this is where we come into play. Drishti Foundation Trust is making efforts to reach and extended their support to rescue and provide them with basic amenities for which we raised our hands for support!! We would need little support from your side in order to leave no stone unturned! Please donate now!


    Drishti Foundation Trust invites you to join this Raksha Bandhan to help provide rights to children. We ask you to extend your bond of love by making a donation to our cause and helping to end child impoverishment in India. Share your love and affection with the children. Connect with them and ensure that their future is secured through your donation.

    Your contribution is very valuable, please donate so that we can reach more and more children throughout India.

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