How Promotion of Generic medicines Can Play important Role in Cost Effective Treatment in India?

Cancer is a killer disease. Due to the absence of universal health coverage, social inequalities of income and wealth, 70% of cancer deaths occur in LDCs and developing countries since the cost of cancer treatment sky rocked. As medicines for the cancer cure is well known around the globe for their price, not everyone can afford it.

generic medicines cost effective

Why are Generic Medicines important for cost-effective treatment in India?

Indian society is forced to bear the burden of high cancer treatment cost. Cancer patients have to sell their lands, property, borrow money from relatives and even mortgage precious things to settle huge hospital bills. By publicising about anti-cancer generics, we can reduce the financial burden on the masses by up to 90%.

You can be a victim of cancer or a survivor of cancer. It’s a mindset ~Dave Pelzer


Generic medicines have the same therapeutic value and active molecule composition as branded medicines (but cost up to 80% less than branded ones). The only difference is that branded medicines are popularized and marketed. That is why the public buys branded medicines more.


  1. Use social media tools – With 981.65 million mobile phone subscribers, India is ready for a digital revolution. Anti-cancer medicine can be promoted via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. Online advertising will also reduce the feeling of trees.
  2. Peer to Peer awareness – Lets take a pledge that we will educate every person in our social group. This awareness campaign is more personal and effective because we are educating our family and friends about the positive effects of anti-cancer generics.
  3. Collaboration with medical fraternity members – if both doctors and store owners prescribe generic drugs with confidence, the patient will have full faith in these medicines. Such patients may also promote anti-cancer generics in their networks also.


• Cancer patients and their families

• Indian pharmaceutical companies

• Doctors and physicians

• Medical store owners

• Middlemen in the medical supply chain

• Indian Government

• Volunteers of social welfare organizations

Advantages of using Generics

• Cutthroat competition is to benefit the consumers. Cancer patients can avail the best quality medication at the lowest possible prices.

• Monetary savings of consumers due to the purchase of unbranded generics.

• Fostering the spirit of innovation and creativity in the Indian pharma industry.

• Often two different pharma companies make the same generic medicine but charge two different prices. Customer will save money by buying the cheaper medicine.

Above all, cancer is a very serious disease. We should come together and support these grief-stricken families. Promotion of generic drug consumables can be one way to reduce the excess financial burden on the masses. Drishti Foundation Trust also encourages the promotion of cancer preventive measures (wearing SPF while going out in the Sun, avoiding too hot beverages, following a balanced diet daily).

Drishti Foundation Trust seasonally runs campaigns for oral cancer treatment and dental health care. Where they reach out to people who live far from cities like rural and tribal areas in India where people don’t have access to these facilities. They run free of cost campaigns for the social cause, where you can also give your support to Drishti Foundation Trust by making a Donation.


With more than a million new cases of cancer per year, India is home to the third largest population of cancer patients after USA and China. In lieu of this increasing demand, pharma companies demand sky-high prices for anti-cancer drugs. We, at Drishti Foundation, call for a competitive Indian pharma industry. To compete with low-cost generic drugs, the branded ones will have to lower costs. You can understand it like when there was no company like Jio the call rates and internet cost was very high and now when the Jio introduced then highly cheap and affordable call and internet plans so now every other telecom company has to lower their prices. If similarly, something happens in this industry as well as Generics then it will be a win-win situation for cancer patients. In the end, they will have access to high-quality medicinal drugs at low prices. This way, we the society, can contribute towards social well being.

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