• Vision: To provide due care with the life of the helpless and destitute and orphan children in the society and even those kids neglected by the family and did not get proper care due to poverty, so that they live as valued members of the society with a peace of mind before going to their eternal home.
  • Goal: To Ensure a sound and friendly environment for the poor helpless and destitute girl child towards achieving a promising peaceful condition for them fostering their physical, mental, social and spiritual development and well being as well.Specific Objectives:1. To establish a well constructed, well managed, community participated and safe Orphanage Home at a suitable place.
    2. To ensure adequate nourishment and clothes for the targeted the poor helpless and destitute girl child.3. To ensure access to instant and quality health care for the poor helpless and destitute Old Aged persons so that they can get awareness on health and hygienic issues.
    4. To create an effective and friendly learning environment for the poor helpless, so that they can live peacefully as their own Home.
    5. To provide an access to fellowship activities, recreational facilities, mental support, social affairs and spiritual formation.


Most of the dental diseases are the sequel of neglect in the early years of life, for example, consumption of a carcinogenic diet, lack of awareness regarding preventive aspects, and habits like smoking and/or tobacco, pan, and betel nut chewing.

Our Dental Camp projects are designed and developed to provide dental care as well as dental awareness to the needy people in India, where there is no or minimum access to dental care provider most of the parts of India.

The idea is to provide easy access to dental awareness and dental treatment through  Dental Camps in Rural India and to provide best Dental Care services to all through the community. The dental camps to provide the best dental care through oral health education and affordable dental treatments.


Right to Education for every child should be a reality and needs to be translated into action to bring a visible change through the involvement of the people who deserve it most, those who belong to the tertiary sector of life, livelihood as compared to the mainstream of civilization. In this mission, we have to ensure participation and direct involvement of all the community people and to include the existing facilities, resources and the system in our work area.