The Homeless & Hopeless: How you can support an orphan child?

Take a moment to consider this.
If the love, warmth and sense of security that you receive from your parents is to suddenly disappear from your life, what will you do?
No more unsolicited hugs from mom and no more life advice from dad. No one to take care of your health when you get sick and no one to protect you.

Unfortunately, Millions of homeless orphan children face this challenge every day. 

Orphan here does not just refer to a child whose parents have died. It could be a young boy who ran away from home in the hopes of becoming an actor or a girl who has been abused by her family and finally managed to escape. Some have been discarded by their parents as refuse, who could not afford to raise another child.

They have all been abandoned and they are all searching for some meaning in life. All we can do is help them realize what their life is worth.


  • These children are parentless and yet no one has any sympathy for them. They are neglected by the society and they have no one to raise them.
  • They have no stable shelter and most orphan children reside in temples, railway stations, footpaths or bus stops. They are exposed to the harsh sunlight during the summers, the chilly wind during the winters and the rain during the monsoons.
  • They don’t get the proper education because they don’t have anyone to pay for their schooling and since they are their own feeders, they can’t afford to lose the work they do.
  • Since they have no one to take care of them, they are exposed to child labour. As a result, they are subject to harshness, abuse and oppression since they have no one to fight for them or protect them.
  • There are days when these homeless orphan kids can afford only one meal a day. Those are the days they consider themselves to be lucky. At times they go to sleep with nothing in their stomach, just hunger shining through their eyes.

They have no one to go to for help, love or support.


It must be extremely difficult for us to imagine living a day apart from our parents but these children have to live a life without theirs.

I know that there is no way we can help millions of orphan children that reside in our country but we can make a difference in one child’s life and isn’t that enough to make someone feel better?
Isn’t that enough to make yourself feel better?

We cannot let these children live in such poor conditions, work in such hazardous environments, and be exposed to such harmful diseases. We cannot let these children go to sleep with an empty stomach.

They deserve to get their education, fulfil their dreams and earn a name even if they cannot remember their birth names.

So be a better person today and make an orphan smile. How can you do that?

Well, Drishti Foundation Trust has taken the responsibility to provide due care to those orphan kids who are parentless, neglected by their families and who do not get proper care due to poverty, so that they live as valued members of the society with a peace of mind before going to their eternal home.

Drishti Foundation Trust has undertaken various goals to ensure a friendly environment for the orphan children so that all they are greeted with at PAWAN DRISHTI HOME (the orphanage), is warmth and kindness.

Objectives Undertook by Drishti Foundation Trust

1. To establish a well-constructed, well managed, community participated and safe Orphanage Home at a suitable place.

2. To ensure adequate nourishment and clothes for the targeted the poor helpless and destitute girl child.

3. To ensure access to instant and quality health care for the poor helpless and destitute Old Aged persons so that they can get awareness on health and hygienic issues.

4. To create an effective and friendly learning environment for the poor helpless, so that they can live peacefully as their own Home.

5. To provide an access to fellowship activities, recreational facilities, mental support, social affairs and spiritual formation.

At Drishti Foundation Trust, the children receive everything that they deserve. From support, guidance and protection to every basic amenity like food, clothes and shelter.

Instead of thinking about how you can make a difference in this world, make a small difference in the lives of these orphan children.



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