Empowering Girl Child of India Through Education

For years the females of our country have been neglected and left out of a lot of things. Earlier parents felt that it was unnecessary to send their girls to schools because they functioned under the assumption that she is more comfortable with doing the household work.

A young girl would sit in the kitchen and learn how to make roti’s, while her brother would put on his uniform and go to school every morning. Did anyone ask her what she wanted to do?

Thankfully, times have changed and our society is going through some major changes. Women are taking over the world and proving their worth. The topic of gender equality and women empowerment is everywhere.

I believe that when we talk about empowering girls, education should be the topmost priority.

Education gives girls the courage and motivation to face whatever comes their way.
It helps them build a road to freedom. It’s their journey towards self-reliance.


I wouldn’t be writing this article if I had no knowledge of words. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t know how to read.

That’s how important education is in our society. We never realize it because we take it for granted.
Let’s look into the importance of educating the girls all over the world.

  1. An educated girl child can bring monumental changes in the society through her skills and knowledge.
  2. Not just that, education is something that allows girls to feel more confident and gives them more personal power.
  3. Educated girls don’t just improve the current state of the society but also the future. Such females will always ensure that their child gets the education that they deserve.
  4. Education among females helps spread and implement the widespread message of gender equality.
  5. An educated woman is economically independent. She is not dependent on a man to fulfil her wants and needs. She is self-sufficient.
  6. Education makes a woman more aware of her rights.

Education is the very base of a prosperous society. It is crucial to ensure equality among both the genders.

Both males and females must be presented with equal opportunities and options.

For a long time, women have been termed weak and inferior compared to men
but that’s because they weren’t presented with the same choices.
This assumption was and is so deeply rooted in our society that women themselves questioned their own strength and abilities.
We need the education to teach both the genders about the importance of equality.
We need the education to instil confidence and awareness among both the genders.

Without education, girls can only dream of reaching heights. But with education, they can actually work towards achieving their dreams.


Even though there have been drastic changes in our society, there are certain areas that haven’t seen much change. These are the rural parts of our country where parents find it difficult to send their daughters to school because of financial or cultural reasons.
You can help out these young girls by donating to organisations like DRISHTI FOUNDATION TRUST. drishti foundation ngo message

Such organisations work day and night towards accomplishing their mission of ‘Girl Child Education’ and through your support, they can attain their goal. Your donation will not just help a young girl get the education that she deserves, it will also make our society a better place. It will improve the current and future state of our country.

So, support women all over the world by supporting their right to education.


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