Childhood is undeniably the happiest phase of a person’s life. People showered you with love, your every desire was tended to and your parents kept a note of your likes and dislikes. You were the apple of the eye.

Ah!!! And how can I forget the cardinal person with whom you have shared so many cherishable and gleeful moments? Childhood would have remained incomplete without them. Yes, you guessed it right. They were your friends with whom you have spent innumerable evenings playing games, telling stories and what not.

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By this time, the sound of giggles might have started playing at the back of your mind, your heart might have become heavy with memories of those precious moments and eyes loaded with tears all reminding you of the bygone times. Well, what paradox it is! You have a smile on your face and tears in your eyes. Those blissful days!!!  We miss them so much. But do think that this feeling is shared by everyone?

What if a person’s childhood is blemished?  What if all you remember about your early years of existence is only tears and pains? Imagine the plight of a child who sees other children flaunting their new school bags while he painstakingly drags his ragbags. This has been a sad but true story of our nation. A source, destination, and transit country for trafficking for many purposes such as commercial sexual exploitation, India needs to wash this blotch of inhumane acts meted out against its own future.

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Drishti Foundation Trust realizes the preciousness of childhood and tries to bring back innocence and smile to the place where they should actually dwell.

In yet another of its concerted effort towards the humanitarian cause, Drishti Foundation Trust has started Pawan Drishti Homes Orphanage in Sikkim, with an aim to eradicate this evil from our society.

Our Aim: We are appealing to you for your support so that we can provide special fortified diet and supplementary nutrition, education and most importantly a worth remembering childhood to children in our project areas. With your help, we will be able to give these children the support they need to become healthy again.

How You’ll Benefit: Through your contributions, you’ll be directly providing a needy child with nutrition rich food. Remember every child’s smile is precious and your contribution will never let it fade.

The Online Fundraising Page is LIVE and you can view it here:


Please do donate, share the same as much you can and do your bit towards this initiative.

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