Dinesh Kr. Gautam (Managing Trustee )

The Founding Member & guiding light of Drishti Foundation Trust. He is well equipped with his years of experience in Media,Journalism,Social Activism and CSR Consultancy.His vision is to play a formative role in the upliftment of society and the under-privileged sections at large.He continues to lead a role from the planning of social activities & projects to their execution on routine basis. He has closely worked with different Media outfits and has been associated with various intellectuals from the field of Politics, Bureaucrats, Journalism, and other Social Activists alike.



Sujata Rani (Treasurer)

A highly spirited & motivated member of the organisation who is an educationist by profession. She is instrumental in galvanizing support for the organisation & its campaigns by gathering together the army of Volunteers and managing them for and during various social activities that the Drishti Foundation Trust undertakes every now & then.She has been a dedicated campaigner of Women & Child rights throughout her career so far.



Brahmchari  Anantbodh Chaitanya (Trustee)

An ascetic Brahmchari who contains a world of knowledge & wisdom in him; is a stout swami who has dedicated his life in bringing enlightenment to the needy and guiding the unguided towards the holy path of humanity.Swami Anantbodh brings along a flair & passion to the various social causes that Drishti Foundation Trust undertakes – through his experience, easy going attitude, man management skills & more.

Dr Anju Kajal (Trustee)

Dr.Anju Kajal Tehlan is an avid traveller car enthusiast and Mother of Two young Boys .Passionate Driver, Nature Lover. She is an Educationist & Social Activist specially working on Girl Education for Women  Empowerment & Gender equality for Equal Opportunity Better Growth. Over the years, having questioned constantly stereotyped and having spent most of her time with vehicles on highways & remote roads typically considered a man’s domain.