Let's bring child labour to a full stopChildren

Let’s bring Child Labour to an end

“Out of school children constitute the workers and non-workers. In our opinion they Alltogether signify a measure of deprivation among children and can be categorised as a potential labour pool always being at the risk of entering the labour force” -NCEUS, 2007 Introduction Disheartening to know that India is the home to the largest number…

Swacch Sabarmati Abhiyan for a cleaner and healthier IndiaNation

Swacch Sabarmati Abhiyan for a cleaner and healthier India

Program name: Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and Tree plantation Name of Project: Sabarmati River Cleaning and Increasing Green Cover as a part of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan Project Title: Cleanliness and Tree plantation in Sabarmati Riverfront Program area: Ahmedabad city (Gujarat) Organisation name: Drishti Foundation Trust (DFT) Duration of the Project: 1 Year Partner: ONGC, Ahmedabad Vision:…

Education for all, brightness for allChildren

Edcuation for all Brightness for all

India is a vast country with 1.25 billion people, out of which just one-third are educated. The turbulently growing size of the population, lack of teachers, books, basic facilities and insufficient public funds to cover education costs are some of the toughest challenges confronting our nation. This is where Children in India are facing the…


Abandoned by family, Neglected by society

There are days when you want to move away from your parents because you want to establish yourself as an independent person. You think that it will be easy to live without them. But it’s never easy to live without the people who raised you. Now try to imagine a child who has never had…


Importance of Mother for a Child

And there came a cry. The silence of the pitch black night was broken. Perhaps the sweltering heat of that night had woken him from his slumber. Raising his hands and throwing his legs in the air, the baby orchestrated a cacophony of noises. Well, what should I say about a mother’s sleep? It starts…


Empowering Girl Child of India Through Education

For years the females of our country have been neglected and left out of a lot of things. Earlier parents felt that it was unnecessary to send their girls to schools because they functioned under the assumption that she is more comfortable with doing the household work. A young girl would sit in the kitchen…


Right to Education: The Future of India

Have you ever been thought about human evolution without basic education..?? No education means- zero difference between Human and Non-human things..!! So education is the fundamental human right for betterment and empowerment of an individual and whole as a society. According to UNESCO, about 135 countries have constitutional provisions for non-discriminatory and free education for…