Abandoned by family, Neglected by society

There are days when you want to move away from your parents because you want to establish yourself as an independent person. You think that it will be easy to live without them.
But it’s never easy to live without the people who raised you.

Now try to imagine a child who has never had a mother stroking his hair when he sleeps peacefully or a father teaching him about spending his money wisely.
That child has been stripped of the parental love that most of us receive.
That child is an orphan.

No matter how much love such kids crave from the world, the only thing they get in return is hostile treatment from the rest of society.
Can we blame them for being distrustful of unfamiliar faces?

How do we build our trust with such kids? How do we make them feel safe?

Orphan children are victims of abandonment. The only way to reach these children is through Love and Care. It sounds extremely attainable but it’s not easy.
These are the two things missing from their lives and the two things that they need the most to survive.
We can help fill the empty void that these kids live with by giving them immense warmth and kindness.
Not only are we making the kids happier, but we are also helping restore their faith in humanity.

We can make them feel like they matter because they do. They represent the future of our country.

How do you share your Love and Care?

Orphan children don’t have people to count on. They are looking for friendly faces in a crowd of strangers. We can be their source of friendliness and guidance.
Just acknowledging their existence and feeling sorry for them is not enough. These kids have received enough sympathy from society. What they need is people who actually care and who want to see them do well in life.

You can show your care for such children by working with organizations that aim to help such kids live a worthful life. You can take out some time, effort and money and support a great cause. You can be a better person.

Drishti Foundation Trust aims to provide orphan children with a life filled with happiness and contentment. It has undertaken important objectives that are directed towards giving these children a healthy and blissful life.
You can view more details about Drishti Foundation Trust’s Project on the website and Make a Donation for the well-being of the orphan children.

Donating for their future is a step towards ensuring a better future.


Please do donate, share the same as much you can and do your bit towards this initiative.

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