Diwali – victory of good over evil
Diwali – victory of light over darkness
Diwali – victory of knowledge over ignorance
Diwali – an opportunity to spread more smiles
Diwali – an opportunity to shower happiness
Diwali – an opportunity to do better, to be better
Diwali – a festival to give back

As a country with over 1.2 billion population we face many challenges. Basic human needs like food, clothes and shelter still top the list. We have previously shared articles on orphanage and its challenges. (You can read them here: https://www.drishtifoundation.org/blog/). This Diwali we embrace these challenges.

We celebrated this Diwali in its true essence by extending our arms to the other corner of the nation. This festive season we made little girls light diyas in a place they can call their own. This Diwali we opened our new home in Sikkim. We finished building our new home for girls in Sikkim and named it ‘Pawan Drishti Home’. Here they will get all the basic amenities and education.

We at Drishti Foundation Trust have taken an oath to make a difference. Join us in fulfilling the dreams of these smiling faces. For more details about Drishti Foundation Trust’s projects visit their website.